Carburetor Service

The carburetor an important system in the ASTM D 2699 and D 2700 CFR Knock Engine apparatuses. Many problems can arise in the carburetor which cause difficulties in properly temperature tuning with toluene and rating unknown samples. A well-maintained carburetor is extremely important to long-term, dependable use of the system. Over time gum and trash can collect in the carburetor, clogging the horizontal and vertical jets and the horizontal bleed tube. It then becomes difficult to achieve proper max-knock because an exact, consistent 14.97 to 1 air to fuel ratio is not produced.

Mark's Knock Engine Service is equipped to service, repair, or overhaul carburetors at your location or in our shop if the carburetor is shipped to us. A total overhaul will include:

  • dis-assembly and inspection
  • thorough cleaning of all parts
  • replacement of all seals and gaskets
  • inspection of the selector valve to ensure alignment with the holes in the selector cone to the needle and the numbers on the handle
  • careful inspection and assembly of the venturi, vertical jet, small copper gasket, horizontal bleed tube, and properly sized fuel jets
  • proper re-assembly of body including cooling fluid fittings
  • replacement of the needle valves and gaskets in each bowl and float chamber assembly
  • clean each sight glass and replacement of the gaskets
  • leak checking