Electronic Console Service

Mark's Knock Engine Service will service and repair all components of the electric console, motor starter and magnetic relay, and the cables and wiring to the various systems of the ASTM D 2699 and D 2700 CFR apparatus. MKES will rewire, refurbish, and update antiquated and out-dated electronic systems to the rigid specifications of the ASTM guidelines. Your older consoles can be made to work dependably for many years to come.

MKES electronic console service can include:

  • total re-wiring
  • updates the console switches
  • wire the console to be setup for convertible engines for easy switching to Research or Motor methods
  • update electric plugs
  • replace oil and vacuum gauges,tubing,hoses, and fittings,
  • installation of breaker-less ignition systems including brain, coil, and trigger coil
  • testing and installing low oil pressure/high water temp switches.
  • install modern motor starters with motor electric wire heat protection replacing the antiquated "Klixon" device
  • installation of temperature controllers and heater circuits
  • installation of detonation meters and knock meters
  • replace fuses

In addition MKES will installs the necessary parts and electronics for a safe and reliable natural gas system including a switch, solenoid, thermocouple, Basso safety switch, and momentary switch.

Many companies choose to install water-pressure switches which will shut the engine down if a minimum water pressure is not met. This can save much time and money considering the cost of a new cylinder. Alternatively some install water solenoids which automatically open the water flow with the start switch.

MKES will come on-site to your company with the tools and parts necessary to complete the job.

Your company can also choose to ship the entire console to our shop to be stripped, cleaned, painted, and outfitted to a "like-new" state with new gauges, switches, wiring, and with whatever new parts are required or desired to meet ASTM D 2600 and D 2700 specifications.